Jamie P. Kronbeck, PE graduated from NDSU in 2001 and has been actively involved in the HVAC industry for 12 years.  He has significant experience on the construction side of the business, so he not only understands the design aspects of a project, he also understands what is involved in taking your project from paper to reality.  Jamie’s experience encompasses design conception, system selection and layout, construction, system commissioning and project close-out.  Servicing the customer after construction is completed has left Jamie with a great appreciation and concern for serviceability and sustainability of mechanical systems.


Functionality and constructability are key components to make a great design a great finished product that will serve its buildings and their owners for many years.  Jamie will bring that level of understanding to your project.  He is also well versed in construction costs and estimating, which is extremely beneficial in considering the first costs of a project and how that will affect your project’s budget.  The construction side of the industry has also taught Jamie a wealth of problem solving skills and the experience to find practical solutions to unexpected circumstances.